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linux-pf + flashplayer + GTK = super lags

I fought before that issue is somewhere else: … 4#p1209414

nvidia 240M (blob drivers), core2 duo t8400, linux-pf-core2 x86_64, kde, firefox

When I'm only playing youtube clips, there are some lags sometimes (with GUI interactions, new windows, menus etc) but I can stand it.
But when I start eclipse ide during playing youtube clips, then whole environment start running completely laggy. (eclipse without flash and flash without eclipse runs fine)
Lags appears with decoration manipulations: show menu, open preferences tab, open any window. I'd rather call it "hang my whole environment for a 5 seconds" instead of lags.

plugin-container 80-100%
kwin/X - ~20%

Those are approximate numbers because of everything hangs ;]
Maybe it's like conflict somewhere at the line flashplayer <> gtk2 (eclipse is using gtk2)?
It maybe something else, because every GUI operations causes lag, but eclipse brings the most extreme one.

but after issues with glibc and annoying conflicts with linux-nvidia-pf during updates I moved back to stock arch kernel.
I was really surprised when realized that issue with lags while flashplayer is running goes away.

So it looks like there is a problem with linux-pf itself. Maybe it's connected with glibc issue?: … 5#p1224435


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