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connection problems (linuxant)

I have got installed Arch Linux on my laptop - hp9020nx. I want to connect with internet via modem, so I have installed linuxant drivers. Unfortunetly, when I try to connect (with wvdial), after few minuts I see "NO CARRIER". It is hard to understand for me, because I have also installed linuxant on the second system - Ubuntu 5.04 on the same laptop. And there, aftere giving a licens key etc. everything works out of the box ;P. I only run wvdial and I can connect with net.
I have any idea where is the reason of my problems. I checked /etc/ppp/options in Ubuntu and Arch and both looks similar. PPP is loade during star of Arch. I also try with pppconfig and pon & poff, but there is nothing happens. Kernel in Ubuntu and Arch is in 2.6.10 version. I have any idea what else can be changed. Could anyone to help me?
Sorry for my english ;/


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