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#1 2005-10-13 15:54:33

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postfix-tls, imap/pop3 and korn mail monitor

Hello all,

some days ago I succeeded in installing Arch Linux on my desktop.
Now I installed my customary mail environment:
postfix-tls (from AUR, individually updated to current postfix version) as MTA,
fetchmail in daemon mode,
a pop3 server (I picked imap/pop3),
korn mail monitor from kde,
seamonkey as MUA.

There is one thing I am wondering about: After imap/pop3 fetched the mails from /var/mail/xxx and seamonkey received them, /var/mail/xxx is not empty. There are some "do not delete ..." lines in it. This causes the korn mail monitor to show one remaining mail in /var/mail/xxx.

Is that ok - or a bug? At least strange.
If bug: In imap/pop3 (should /var/mail/xxx be empty) or korn (should korn ignore these lines)?

Thanks for your hints and tips,


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