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[SOLVED] Failed connection attempt to connect to a VPN

It turns out that for days I'm trying to connect to a VPN service using NetworkManager,
but I could never make the connection because I always bounces back with the message: "The VPN connection MyVPN failed ".

The connection is made using the PPTP protocol and I have installed the package "NetworkManager-pptp". My Internet connection is wired and the network interface called "enp0s10"

My recent installation and use ArchLinux is released in February image, use Xfce and Slim.

Suspecting that the problem could have been in the network settings, I read the wiki on ArchLinux NetworkManager, dhcpcd and systemd and I found that I had on and start running in both com dhcpcd NetworkManager, so I proceeded to disable the last, but I am still unable to connect to the VPN.

Regarding systemd I have several questions ...

* And noticed that the network-related units that are running at startup are:
- NetworkManager.service loaded active running Network Manager
- loaded active active Network

not if you need to disable the latter.

* Despite dhcpcd disabled also see that I have selected the unit "dhcpcd @. Service enabled". if not also need to disable it.

* I found a unit called "ppp @. Disabled service" is off, if I should not activate because the name could be related to the protocol used by VPN settings to which I want to connect.

Is there any way to make it work my VPN connection?

Greetings and thanks in advance
Sorry my bad English

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