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How do I connect to a vpn?

I've tried searching Google for this, but I only get results about specific VPNs(I have no clue what my work uses) OR how to set up a server.

I'm an Arch newb so maybe I am missing something really interesting but all I need to do is connect to and then remote desktop to my work computer using my work credentials.

Any help would be really great, and I'm sorry if this is uber simple.

I'll admit I haven't tried connecting but I just don't even know where to BEGIN to start playing around.  I'm a programming guy, not a networking guy.

Thank you. :]

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Re: How do I connect to a vpn?

1. Pick a VPN implementation. A short search for "vpn" with pacman will show you, that there is only one VPN server implementation available at the default repositories. Start with that one.
2. Go to the wiki article of that implementation and set up the server.
3. Forward the port in your filewall.
4. Connect from outside.

If you need to connect to your job's network, ask the local Admin, what kind of VPN you have to use and probably for your certificate files, as proper security should be accomplished by both, cert files and password.


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Re: How do I connect to a vpn?

What kind of VPN Server do you need to connect to?


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Re: How do I connect to a vpn?

You need to ask the networking guys at work what they have setup. Probably PPTP or IPsec both of which you can connect to with packages from the default repositories. Hopefully your work is not using some silly Cisco or Juniper VPN.

If you need to setup a VPN server, I suggest OpenVPN which is also available in the default repositories. If your work desktop is a Unix box you should just use OpenSSH, but you called it "Remote Desktop" which makes me think you use Windows at work.

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