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How can I improve NFSv3 file performance with MythTV thru a NAS Drive?

Basically, I have both my MythTV combined frontend/backend machine and a NAS Drive connected via gigabit ethernet connections.

The NAS drive stores my recordings, shared via NFSv3 (because that's all the NAS drive came with, unfortunatly).

Now, my problem is that I can record or watch multiple *seperate* HD files simultaneously, travelling back and forth from the NAS without problem.

However when I try to watch the same file *While it's still being recorded*, after around 20 minutes the network connection is full/overloaded (between the mythserver and the NAS drive) and playback grinds to a halt (It doesn't stop the recording, just the playback).

It used to happen much quicker when I was only using a 100mb connection.

As i've said, this doesn't happen at ALL with seperate files, just only if i watch the *same* file that's being recorded at the same time.

Is there anyway (bar just having the recordings on a Hard Drive within my backend) that I can stop this problem? Is it because I use NFSv3 on the NAS drive? are there any options I can change in the /etc/exports file on the NAS drive that would help? Thanks

If you want me to post what my NAS drive (Readynas Duo V2) has in its /etc/exports file, I will smile


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Re: How can I improve NFSv3 file performance with MythTV thru a NAS Drive?

Post the file but I dunno how many Archer are using NFSv3... ;/

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