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Problem after changing WPA2 passphrase (WORKAROUND)

Hello, I have read a lot about Wicd problems but mine is quite different, my Wicd installation was working until today, no update has been made in a lot of time (that is, it is not package related), I changed my alphanumeric password to something ASCII and now, Wicd says that this is a bad password and do not connect.

All the time Wicd worked fine with WPA2 and this router, can it be the password? It contains many symbols, but I have checked in /var/lib/wicd/configurations and appears to be correct.

Bye and thanks in advance for reading this.

EDIT Confirmed that the problem is the password, I changed to something simple and it works, where is the limit, number characters, or any character not allowed? I would want a complex passphrase for my WPA2.

EDIT I spent some time but I identified the offending character, '¬', any other character was working fine, I am not sure if this is normal, but I leave it here just in case anyone encounters a similar problem setting a passphrase.

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Re: Problem after changing WPA2 passphrase (WORKAROUND)

I guess you password is in plaintext maybe the encoding of your file is diferent of the encoding of your system.
You should keep the passwords encrypted. Use netcfg/netctl.


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