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Nginx + fcgirap + spaw-fcgi + multiwatch madness

I'm trying to setup CGit with Nginx, but for this to work I need to setup fcgi support. According to some google results and Arch's wiki this is possible ( … ementation ) but I'm having hard time to understand how exactly to setup everything.

I need multiple worker threads, so I need multiwatch and spawn-fcgi (a part from fcgiwrap). 'Step 1' from the Arch wiki article says that I need to enable fcgiwrap.socket, but just a few lines after that (in the multiple worker threads) there is a warning saying that fcgiwrap.socket should be disabled and copied to /etc/systemd/system/

That really confuses me. What's the point of copying it to /etc/systemd/system/ and disabling it?

Has anyone managed to setup proper multiple worker threads cgi support with nginx?



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