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Tip: using netcfg to connect OpenVPN

I'll demostrate how to create a OpenVPN connection using netcfg, in this example i'll use VPNBook as provider (UDP 25000).

First of all, you'll need download config. and certificate from VPNBook site, direct link (UDP 25000): Here.

After download, extract this to: /etc/openvpn/ , now your tree will be similary to this (if you haven't any other config. files):

├── vpnbook.crt
└── vpnbook-UDP25000.ovpn

Now you'll need create a file with username and password(you can get this on vpnbook site), i just name this files as "vpnbook-password.txt", and it content's:


Now you OpenVPN config must be working properly, for test, just type on a terminal:

$ cd /etc/openvpn
# openvpn --config vpnbook-UDP25000.ovpn --auth-user-pass vpnbook-password.txt

Now that all are working fine (sure ?), you'll need create a profile for netcfg, it's very simple, just create a file in /etc/network.d (I named this 'vpnbook') with following content:

DESCRIPTION='OpenVPN - VPNBook connection'
OVPN_CONFIG='/etc/openvpn/vpnbook-UDP25000.ovpn'                        # config file
OVPN_PID_FILE='/run/'                                # pidfile, you can change name, but not folder
OVPN_FLAGS='--auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/vpnbook-password.txt'         # password file, only if you provider need password

start this profile:

# netcfg up vpnbook

(wait a moment), now you can see you tun device with 'ip addr'...
Hope it helps someone! smile

PS: Sorry my english, my native lang is pt-BR

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Re: Tip: using netcfg to connect OpenVPN

1. How-tos are more suitable for the wiki
2. netcfg is deprecated, use netctl instead

0. In general, except for very technical information 'how-to's aren't really suitable for Arch. Better to just contribute some example configs to the OpenVPN wiki page.

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Re: Tip: using netcfg to connect OpenVPN

Thanks for these informations.

I didn't know that netcfg is deprecated. Now i've migrated to netctl.

then I'll write some examples in wiki.

Again, Thanks, and sorry i write about the deprecated netcfg...


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