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#1 2013-04-18 18:35:52

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gdm not working with netctl

Hello everyone,

I installed arch today, was enjoying it when I found about that netctl is replacing netcfg. So I switched to netctl successfully.. Made a profile.. enabled it... But the issue I am facing now is

----> If I have systemctl enable netctl-auto@wlp2s0.service  [ meaning if this is enabled ] then gdm doesnt work and shows error screen at boot up [ Something is wrong.Please contact your administrator ]

-----> If I disable netctl-auto@wlp2s0.service and enable gdm.service then it works fine at boots to login screen and works well.

If I am talking total non-sense please point me to right direction. I installed arch today, and learned alot today itself. please bear with me.

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Re: gdm not working with netctl

Could you post the profiles you made for that device wlp2s0? It shouldn't interfere with the gdm.service (it works here and they both are independent)


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