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#1 2013-04-20 09:54:33

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SSH sessions freezes in Arch, but PuTTY from Windows works

I have an Arch box with ssh server installed at another location. It's behind a router, but port forwarding is enabled and I guess works as it should.

When I access this box from any of my two Arch boxes at home (one desktop, one laptop) the session will freeze pretty soon after some output has been shown and give me timeout. Booting in to Windows 7 on any of the same two machines and using PuTTY to connect to the same machine, however, works just perfect and doesn't hang at all! I haven't reconfigured anything, booth the ssh on Linux and PuTTY on Windows are right out-of-the-box.
I searched a bit but the only thing I found was about the MTU being too big, but mine is set to the standard 1500.

Anyone who has any idea what might cause this problem?


#2 2013-04-21 02:37:35

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Re: SSH sessions freezes in Arch, but PuTTY from Windows works

Try to fire up Wireshark (or tcpdump) and see what's up in there?

If you use DSL you probably want to set your devices to use an MTU of 1454.
However the MTU shouldn't be an issue for SSH.

Could you try running SSHd in debug mode? Maybe even verbose SSH also?

Tried the Wiki?


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