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Random VPS shutdowns

I'm running an Arch Linux host and three virtual machines using libvirt + qemu-kvm, two of which are Arch Linux and one Debian.

The problem is only with my two Arch machines, the Debian one and the Arch host is working properly. My two machines shutdown at random and each time I boot I can't find anything related to the previous reboot when checking journalctl.

These problems started to occur after I did the upgrade and switch to systemd but I can't see how that would be relevant since the host and other machines I have also run Arch with systemd without this behavior. Maybe it's related to the virtualization part?

I've now hit the wall and if you guys don't have any clues on where to look (this has been going on for months) I'll convert these two into Debian as well.

Edit: Sometimes the VPS shows as up and running through libvirt but I can access the console or anything (only thing that's possible is to do a hard reset). Other times the VPS is shutdown altogether.

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