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Samba Media Server, asking for confirmation

I am a newbie to samba, and here is my samba config file. I am hoping to get confirmation that there is no security holes here and if I have it setup right. The user I have the guest account mapped to is the main user on the server, however I am hoping this creates no issues as it is also the user name on my netbook which I use to access the server. I am able to access the files easily on my netbook, but I suspect that might not be the case on any other computers in the house, on my girlfriends archlinux laptop the Server doesn't show up under "Network" in her file manager.


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Re: Samba Media Server, asking for confirmation

all looks ok but considering you intend for samba to be a media server you might want to refer to this thread:
for some great tip's on the latest samba & a way for you to check the config with samba wink

good luck, have fun & welcome to the latest samba on Arch smile

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