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#1 2013-05-25 14:20:23

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Sendmail/Dovecot issue

I tried to set up a mailserver on my server, and it is possible to recieve mails normally. Strangely, whenever I connect to my server via a mailclient, it does not seem to get any emails, nor can I send any. The error message

May 25 15:47:37 thunderserver sm-mta[14374]: r4PDeNDN014241: SYSERR(root): Cannot exec /usr/bin/procmail: No such file or directory

makes me scratch my head. procmail is intalled, has a barebone config, and the file does exist. I triple checked it. Where could be the issue that 1. the mailclient cannot get mails from my server 2. cannot send any?

Thanks in advance


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