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#1 2005-11-11 14:54:11

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network profiles and/or initscripts broken after upgrade

After a long time of not updating (about a week and a half) I updated my laptop wednesday night (11/09/2005).

Upon reboot I started to get the error, "error: /etc/network-profiles/bin is missing" when I attempted to choose my network profile.

Through experimentation, I have figured out the following:

1. The "/bin" part of the error message is just the first item of output from running the "ls" command in the CWD when you run the "/etc/rc.d/network start" command. (On boot the CWD is / so the first listed item of the "ls" command is "bin", thus the error message.) If I change my CWD to a directory that only contains the file "test.txt", the error message comes back "error: /etc/network-profiles/test.txt is missing"

2. The error comes from the 6th line of the start_profile() function within the /usr/bin/netcfg script.

3. If I remove all the entries from the /etc/network-profiles directory I get the the error message, "No Profiles found.  Add profiles in /etc/network-profiles". So, it seems like the /usr/bin/netcfg script is scanning the correct directory.

4. If I hard-code all the info into rc.conf, I get no problems and all the settings seem to be fine. This leads me to believe that the network profiles themselves (the files in the directory /etc/network-profiles) are fine. Also, this leads me to think that it has nothing to do with modules or daemons or anything, but who knows.

My rc.conf has the following (I stripped out the things I don't think apply):

eth0="eth0 netmask broadcast"
INTERFACES=(lo !eth0)
gateway="default gw"

Normaly my /etc/network-profiles directory has four different profiles, some are wired some wifi.

Any ideas? Perhaps suggestions of packages to reinstall (I have already reinstalled the "initscripts" package)? Anything?

Thanks in advance.


#2 2005-12-02 08:51:24

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Re: network profiles and/or initscripts broken after upgrade
Server =


#3 2005-12-02 17:46:10

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Re: network profiles and/or initscripts broken after upgrade

[search]/etc/network-profiles/bin[/search] just to make a point...


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