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Question about setting up an email server

I want to store my own mail in a dedicated server I have but I don't know if it's possible to send and receive email reliably if I'm unable to change the server's PTR record. Anyone has any experience?


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Re: Question about setting up an email server

Hi there,

I know it has been quite a few days but better late than never i guess smile 

First of all, PTR record has nothing to do with receiving emails so you will be ok for that part.

For out going emails, short answer is I have seen quite a few servers run without matching PTR records so it leads me to believe it is possible.  It will probably increase the spam score of your messages so you may want to look at things like SPF and DKIM to balance that.

Long answer goes something like this:
In an effort to minimimize spam on my servers I have set my MTA (postfix) to reject emails that don't have have matching reverse dns records. It backfired big time. I found out even some of the biggest companies don't have proper PTR setup so it was rejecting all kinds of valid emails and I had to disable the check. This leads me to believe all the big hosting companies/ISPs don't block emails based on their originating server's PTR so you should be good to go. You "might" run into problems with paranoid mail servers but in my experiance it doesn't really happen.

Also if you are setting the server up at home/small office make sure your ISP doesn't block port 25 as most does. You can also contact your ISP to see if they would agree to set up an PTR record for you. If they agree it would be one less thing to think about big_smile

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