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#1 2005-12-08 22:12:39

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No Floppy / No CD Install.

Ok, here is the situation, i have an Sony VAIO Laptop (one of the smaller ones without a cd drive or floppy drive) and im wanting to install Arch onto it.. i do have a second partition setup (right now NTFS, but can/will format).. but unfortunately have NO IDEA how to install and setup arch on it.. also, my eth0 will be a usb (one of the thumbdrive looking ones from linksys).. Please someone send me in a direction of setting this up from within a windows env.. noting that i cant boot from floppy or cd.. odd i know..


#2 2005-12-09 00:21:01

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Re: No Floppy / No CD Install.

There's no onboard NIC?


#3 2005-12-09 00:54:19

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Re: No Floppy / No CD Install.

Sounds like Xentac's laptop - he had to bootstrap it via another system....


#4 2005-12-09 01:03:28

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Re: No Floppy / No CD Install.

I didn't actually have to bootstrap it from another system...

My laptop (r505el) has a base station that has a cd drive.  The problem with mine is that it's a firewire cd drive.

The problem with yours is you can't boot anything other than the hard drive, which is a big problem.  You only option sounds like it's pulling out the hard drive and popping it into another machine.

Unless you found some tool to boot a cd image off of your hard drive...  Actually, vmware could do it.

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#5 2005-12-09 01:09:24

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Re: No Floppy / No CD Install.

Yeah, that usb NIC is a killer.

Here's two ideas. I've never heard of anyone using them with Arch, I've never had to try them myself, and I've no idea if they'll work:

1. Use loadlin, with a DOS partition if necessary.
2. Use cygwin, with archbootstrap.

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Re: No Floppy / No CD Install.

maybe you can boot from a usb pen drive... do you have one?
i think Damn Small Linux would run from that, and you can use the archbootstrap script (previously mentioned) to install Arch.


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