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connman / econnman sometimes misses any wired connection


I'm using Enlightenment E17 with the econnman extension that connects to the connman daemon.

But this doesn't work permanently. I'm often having the problem that when I boot my machine and login, econnman shows its exclamation mark for "No connection". The only thing that works then is switching to WiFi and work over wlan. But when the cable is connected (and sure, it is always connection!) connman/econnman shoud use the wired-network settings.

Rebooting the machine several times resolves the problem, the connman/econnman directly gets the connection over wire that I want.

This is what connmanctl gives me for  information:

$ connmanctl technologies
  Name = Wired
  Type = ethernet
  Powered = True
  Connected = False
  Tethering = False
  Name = WiFi
  Type = wifi
  Powered = False
  Connected = False
  Tethering = False
  Name = Bluetooth
  Type = bluetooth
  Powered = False
  Connected = False
  Tethering = False

Maybe this screenshot is also interesing: econnman shows up the ethernet as available, but the "connected" flag is offline.

Well, is there any way to find out what the problem is and where I have to look in? Does connman or econnman write any log messages that help my to find out why the wired connection sometimes misses?

Thank you for any help!

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