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Dealing with "Accept to download" agreements?

Hey guys,

I wanted to make a little package for the "ventrilo_status" program. This is a CLI tool that's part of the ventrilo voice chat software.

The download page for this particular piece of software is located here

I see there is a package in the AUR for the ventrilo-server portion of the software, and that the PKGBUILD requires the user to select the "I Agree" button in lynx.

I was curious if this is how I have to download the software archive due to licensing reasons? Or is there a better way to approach this to keep the makepkg process automated? I would really like to avoid a build dependency like lynx.   

I also have a second more technical question. To download the file you have to make a POST request to the download page. I'm able to do this with curl with the following command

curl -X POST -d "Download=I Agree" -o ventrilo.tar.gz ""

It doesn't look like I can specify any additional parameters to the DELAGENTS makepkg uses to download the source array. Is there a best practice I can follow for properly managing the download without using the source array?


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Re: Dealing with "Accept to download" agreements?

I'm 99% sure any (AUR) PKGBUILD that needs user interaction during building is frowned upon.

I do remember seeing packages in the AUR that needed files from original CDs, and the most commonly used solution then was :
- add the necessary files to the source array
- put a note in comments how to get those files from the original CDs, and manually put them in the directory where the PKGBUILD is stored

I think the best place to ask your questions is the aur-general mailing list (see … ur-general ),
so TUs can give their input.

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Re: Dealing with "Accept to download" agreements?

If you want to create an interactive download protocol, then this would be a separate package which provides a new DLAGENT. You could do something like this:
The interactive protocol will parse the parameters, do something with it, interact with the user, and as the last step download/move the file to somefile.tar.gz

In your case, I would go with a simple comment that asks the user to place the archive next to the PKGBUILD and add only the filename to the source array.

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