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[Howto] Running SteamOS inside a VirtualBox VM

I saw a lot of misleading posts around the internet, so I figured I'd put down what worked for me in one thread :

- Download …
- Unzip this file to a folder, let's say steamos.
- Make iso using this command :

makeisofs -joliet-long -o steamos.iso <path to previously made steamos folder>

- Create new VM in virtualbox, attach this iso to IDE controller, and attach your VDI to the SATA controller
- Make sure you enable EFI & 3d acceleration, and any virtualization options that work with your processor
- Run through automated installation, when VM reboots go to recovery mode.
- Attach VirtualBox additions iso to VM.
- Mount and install linux additions with following commands

mount /media/cdrom
sh /media/cdrom/

- Correct the UEFI boot location with the following commands :

cd /boot/efi
echo "FS0:\EFI\steamos\grubx64.efi" > startup.nsh

Here FS0 indicates first disk, you might have to change this if you did an expert installation where you changed the target install disk to FS1 etc

- Reboot, and you're good to go !

If for any reason you get stuck on the EFI shell, you can boot by typing following command :


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