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Chrooted nginx: web root question

Dear community,

A newbie question: I've just set up nginx on a RasPi in a chroot (following the wiki). All runs well and I'm happy.
However, I'm not quite sure I understand the purposes of the two different dirs that contain index.html after the chrooting operation.

Am I correct in thinking that /srv/http/usr/share/nginx/html/ is the "web root", i.e., is the root folder for publicly visible files, e.g., index.html? If so, what purpose does /srv/http/www serve?

Many thanks for any explanation!


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Re: Chrooted nginx: web root question

Apologies to admin if I'm necrobumping this topic.

The way how I see it (and also I used to use nginx like that):

/srv/http/usr/share/nginx/html/ is for files like errors messages.
/srv/http/www is for your web pages/applications.

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