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#1 2014-04-21 19:34:15

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Removing baloo?

As Orwellian as it seems, it appears the purpose for KDE changing from nepomuk to baloo is to once again try to force people to use their crappy desktop search. Now after upgrading to 4.13, there isn't even a way to turn off baloo in settings as there was with nepomuk. I can't remove it as 'pacman -R baloo' cannot use the --force option and it says that dolphin needs baloo although it doesn't. Am I going to be forced to rip out the executables from my system again as I had to do early on with neposuks and akoncrappi, or does someone know how to take them out in a gentrified, copacetic manner? Thanks.

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#2 2014-04-21 19:59:11

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Re: Removing baloo?

What is your concern with baloo? All you say is that it's crap. Does it take too much processing power? RAM? Hard drive space?

If baloo is not a dependency of dolphin then submit a bug report to the Arch Linux bug tracker.

You can create your own PKGBUILD file for dolphin that doesn't require baloo. It's dead simple.


#3 2014-04-21 20:30:13

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Re: Removing baloo?

nirvanix, if you have any technical issue, post the relevant details. If you want to rant, get a blog.

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#4 2014-04-21 21:10:46

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Re: Removing baloo?

I'm almost afraid to tell you how to 'disable' baloo. I will say that there is a lot of info via google on how to disable it.


#5 2014-04-22 11:05:04

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Re: Removing baloo?

I did a:

ps aux |grep baloo

and then

kill -9 all_baloo_processes

I was really annoyed by that searching. I have three HDDs and one of them is a 3TB, I waited about two hours in which my HDD reading went insane and it made me kill it.

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#6 2014-04-22 12:28:44

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Re: Removing baloo?

Quoting one of baloo's authors -

There is no explicit “Enable/Disable” button any more. We would like to promote the use of searching and feel that Baloo should never get in the users way. However, we are smart about it and IF you add your HOME directory to the list of “excluded folders”, Baloo will switch itself off since it no longer has anything to index.


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Re: Removing baloo?

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#8 2014-05-10 23:19:14

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Re: Removing baloo?

Sorry for the late reply, i found this topic via search

The reason for me searching is exactly the same as the reason for Nirvanix's opening this subject. It drives me nuts that i dont have a straightforward way to disable it

The developer's answer :

There is no explicit “Enable/Disable” button any more. We would like to promote the use of searching and feel that Baloo should never get in the users way

Associates in my mind with something a proprietary freeware app developer would say about including an unasked for browser toolbar with his app (We would like to promote our services and feel that our presence should never get in a user's way, however we are smart about it, IF you really think you dont want it, get MalwareBytes and remove it)

Trying the brutal way :

pacman -Rdd baloo baloo-widgets

rendered Dolphin, file management module of Konqueror, Gwenview and possibly other stuff too unworkable. They fail to start, due to requiring /usr/lib files belonging to baloo

Then i tried to, with baloo and baloo-widgets missing from the system after the pacman -Rdd, to rebuild kdebase-dolphin from source. I just edited the PKGBUILD from extra and threw out any reminder of baloo

So far the dolphin i compiled appears to work fine

Is anybody interested in the cleaned up PKGBUILD (well its not much work really just 2 deletes) or intending to put up a mirror of uncontaminated KDE binary packages ?


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