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Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)


I am doing a fair share of Matlab and Python programming. But I am not really satisfied with my Editor choices. I tryed to get everything working in eMacs, to have like one big Editor where I also do my LaTeX stuff. Only one program running, one set of commands, short-cuts and so on.
But while I think eMacs is really great for LaTeX, it just sucks for Matlab. It is quite a pain to set it up, there is no auto-complete feature in the editor mode and the matlab-shell is quite buggy as well.
Setting up Python in eMacs is anoying as well, but at least I get most of the features like I want them to have. Perhaps I am also just to stupid for eMacs. Might be.

Now I am reconsidering having one big editor for everything but get at least one editor for the programming stuff. Which is Matlab, Python and in a couple of months probably some Fortran.
I don't expect that much of an editor, but syntax highlighting, code completion (hints on the functions. e.g if I type func and hit TAB, it should complete to function, or give a choice of function1 function2 etc.), and code refracturing should be possible. And auto indention especially for Python should be possible.

Do you have any suggestions on a rather lightweight editor which can fulfil those requests?

Thanks for any hints!


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Re: Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)

You could take a look at Spyder for a python IDE: - see AUR for installs, right now there are two versions for Python 2 and 3:

aur/spyder-hg r3626.5c0af92927a3-3 (10)
    Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment providing MATLAB-like features (Python 3 version)
aur/spyder2-hg r3626.5c0af92927a3-2 (0)
    Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment providing MATLAB-like features (Python 2 version)

You might also have some fun using f2py:

For background reading it's well worth googling 'spyder matlab' as you'll come across stuff like this:



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Re: Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)

I use Vim for LaTeX and python, with python-mode and latexbox. Matlab I hardly use nowadays and I don't know how well it works with Vim.


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Re: Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)

Out of curiosity, by saying eMacs but you actually are talking about Emacs right?

To say the "lightweight", do you prefer to use some easy-to-use IDE to just get the job done or you actually want to hack all the way until finished?

option 1: Sublime Text, or Atom.
Reason: really easy to use, lot of plugins available and no need to hack at all.

option 2: Self-built, customized Emacs(Or Vim, they are a lot alike so just choose one you feel comfortable)
Reason: You can do anything with it and you will never run out of options. I recommend purcell's emacs.d repo and Spacemacs.

Hope it is helpful.


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Re: Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)

Vim with vim-jedi works great for python. It works well for MATLAB too though I still think the best MATLAB editor is the one that comes with the program.

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Re: Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)

jethronsun7, this is the third post of yours I have come across where you have necrobumped. I'm not sure if you're deliberately seeking out ancient threads, but please stop posting in them. This topic's creator, donvitocorleone, hasn't been on the forums in two years, it is highly unlikely that they are still seeking a solution to their problem.


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