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Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)


I am doing a fair share of Matlab and Python programming. But I am not really satisfied with my Editor choices. I tryed to get everything working in eMacs, to have like one big Editor where I also do my LaTeX stuff. Only one program running, one set of commands, short-cuts and so on.
But while I think eMacs is really great for LaTeX, it just sucks for Matlab. It is quite a pain to set it up, there is no auto-complete feature in the editor mode and the matlab-shell is quite buggy as well.
Setting up Python in eMacs is anoying as well, but at least I get most of the features like I want them to have. Perhaps I am also just to stupid for eMacs. Might be.

Now I am reconsidering having one big editor for everything but get at least one editor for the programming stuff. Which is Matlab, Python and in a couple of months probably some Fortran.
I don't expect that much of an editor, but syntax highlighting, code completion (hints on the functions. e.g if I type func and hit TAB, it should complete to function, or give a choice of function1 function2 etc.), and code refracturing should be possible. And auto indention especially for Python should be possible.

Do you have any suggestions on a rather lightweight editor which can fulfil those requests?

Thanks for any hints!


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Re: Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)

You could take a look at Spyder for a python IDE: - see AUR for installs, right now there are two versions for Python 2 and 3:

aur/spyder-hg r3626.5c0af92927a3-3 (10)
    Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment providing MATLAB-like features (Python 3 version)
aur/spyder2-hg r3626.5c0af92927a3-2 (0)
    Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment providing MATLAB-like features (Python 2 version)

You might also have some fun using f2py:

For background reading it's well worth googling 'spyder matlab' as you'll come across stuff like this:



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Re: Editor for Matlab, Python (and fortran)

I use Vim for LaTeX and python, with python-mode and latexbox. Matlab I hardly use nowadays and I don't know how well it works with Vim.


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