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#1 2006-02-04 18:13:11

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kernel/nvidia update seems related to 75 fps in glxgears

I think this is a kernel/hardware issue, because it seemed to have started with the new kernel, or atleast the subsequent new nvidia drivers. I dunno if this is standard procedure, but I typically have to reinstall/compile the nvidia graphics module whenever there's a kernel update of any kind.

Anywho, I used to get about 7 or 8k with glxgears (I got me a pretty snazzy nvidia 6800). Now I'm getting exactly 75 fps over and over. Direct rendering is working, all the libraries are the happy nvidia ones, the X config file is set up properly.

How do I know everything is set up properly? I have 5% cpu usage with glxgears. I also get about 75 fps in things like chromium, tuxracer, vegastrike, freedroidrpg and any other opengl app I could think of, without sucking up more than 10% or 20% cpu. OpenGL is working fine, but I get insanely low fps with glxgears!

Isn't that weird? Is anyone else getting that problem? I've got that new 8178 driver. I have a sinking suspicion that nvidia did this intentionally to ruin our nice meaningless benchmark. Or maybe not...

As a side note, whatever happened to their nice text readmes? That was my favorite thing about the nvidia drivers. Now they have some crappy html junk =[.

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Re: kernel/nvidia update seems related to 75 fps in glxgears

Titanium 4200 gives me around 3k with glxgears

using latest stock kernel and the 8178 driver

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