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#1 2006-04-04 23:27:39

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crontab and at

hi i wrote this:

#crontab alarm clock
mpg123 -z@ /home/vladuz/.playlist

and i try to run it with "at"

so for instance, i tried:

at 1622

no errors returned and even if i check it with


I can see it's there with a job ID.
the only thing is it's not running the script.
first i got an error from at saying

No atd running?

so i went and added it to rc.d
and also started it with /etc/rc.d/atd start
and tried again, but nothing is playing. funny thing is when i reboot the computer the music starts playing before i even log in.

what am i doing wrong?


#2 2006-04-06 12:24:31

From: Bassano del Grappa, ITALY
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Re: crontab and at

Reading the output of "man at" (please note that I have very few experience with this app) I am not sure about your syntax.
Is it /home/vladuz/alarm the script you want to run? Then you should 1) start atd;

at -f /home/vladuz/alarm 1622

At least, I am able to do the same thing here.
Moreover, is the script executable? If not,

chmod +x /home/vladuz/alarm

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