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#1 2006-04-05 14:41:32

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vsftp question

hey all,

im trying to setup a very simple ftp. i just want one directory shared to the outside world, but i want it to be secure so i chose vsftp. after looking through the config file there's two things i dont understand. how do i create a user name and password and where do i specify what directory iwanted availble on my ftp? it looks like this server uses local use's account that have shell accounts? do i need to create a shell account and just drop the files i want shared in that persons home directory?



#2 2006-04-06 02:05:02

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Re: vsftp question

If your vsftpd installation just uses simple local user account authentication, then you will need to create a new user.  However, the user does not have to have a valid shell on the system (you can point their shell to /bin/false).  If you already have a directory with the files you want to share in it, then simply make that directory the home directory of the new user (assuming that it isn't within the home directory of another user).  But yes, you are on the right track.


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