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#1 2006-06-02 19:21:40

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NTP clock setup

The company I work for would like to have some wall clocks that are synced to our computer system.  I found some expensive NTP clocks on the net but was thinking it would be much cheaper to take some of our old computers and 15" flat panel monitors and mount them strategically around the office.  I figure I can hide the PC in the ceiling and place the LCD on the wall mounted with a few screws.

The only thing I am not sure of is how I could get these systems to boot up and automatically display in large numbers the time...  Anyone have any ideas? It would be nice to use all of the realestate that a 15" LCD offers to just display in big bold letters 8:53.. etc...

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone,



#2 2006-06-03 01:07:58

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Re: NTP clock setup

maybe one of the xscreensavers?


#3 2006-06-03 01:14:38

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Re: NTP clock setup

If you're not going to use xorg you could use one of the console clocks like cclock or mcountd or clockywork or vtclock or...

For xorg you could configure autologin with no WM/DE only one application run on boot (from .xinitrc for example) like xdaliclock or kworldclock.


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