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#1 2006-06-05 11:49:35

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CUPS stops my printer?

I have just replaced my HP Desk Jet 5150 with a 5940. The printer is set-up in the CUPS admin section of the web interface and apparently works fine. However, sometimes it doesn't  :?  For example, I printed a page from google maps and then turned the printer off. A few minutes later I decided I needed another page printing so I turned the printer back on and clicked print. The job went into the print spool but when I checked with CUPS the printer had been stopped. Giving my root password and clicking on start worked.

This never happened with my previous printer and I am not sure what is behind this behaviour. Any ideas?


#2 2006-06-06 06:30:11

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Re: CUPS stops my printer?

i think i have the same problem. no i have no solution. tell me if you figure it out smile

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Re: CUPS stops my printer?

i had the problem. Then i found out. You can delete jobs in the cups web interface. Also set ur printer up normally using hp-setup
But u need to have installed Hplip first!.

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