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using Jumbo Frames with NetworkManager

Hi All,

I'm trying to experiment with using jumbo frames (9000 MTU) on my home network.  I have two machines:

Server:  running Arch with mtu on the main network adaptor set to 9000 using command

ip link set dev enp0s25 mtu 9000

Laptop:  running Arch (of course).  I have tried to set the MTU to 9000 in the NetworkManager UI in this case.  I have also tried setting it with

nmcli connection modify "Auto" 802-3-ethernet.mtu 9000

.  However after doing this if I reboot the machine the ethernet connection defined in NetworkManager continuously tries and fails to get up.  If i set the MTU back to 1500 then it's OK.

The machines are connected via gigabit switch which supports jumbo frames … -techspecs

Can anybody help me troubleshoot this?

Thanks - JB


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