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Samba freeze for few seconds

I have problems when playing videos from a Samba share. It does not matter the client (Windows 10, Android, ...) and it does not matter the client connection LAN or WiFi. The video freezes periodically for few seconds. About every 10 ~15 minutes.
I have examinated 'dmesg', 'Journalctl' and the other logs in /var/logs and no issue are reported.
'systemctl list-timers --all' does not return any timer running every 10 ~15 minutes
I have also disabled smartd without any benefit

'ps' does not show any extra process.
'top' also does not show any extra activity/memory usage

Has somebody any idea what I can do in order to identify the cause.

I have noted that moving big files from a Windows PC to the Samba share then coping sometime freeze for few seconds.


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