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Clarification on bcm43xx

In the Wireless Setup article on the Arch wiki, I'm on step 4 of BCM43XX. I don't understand what they mean on how I should create /lib/firmware. For that matter, I'm not really sure what the file "wl_apsta.o" is, or how it relates to this process. I thought I was supposed to download my driver from the Dell website.

Can anyone please put some of this into perspective so I can get wireless running on my laptop?

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Re: Clarification on bcm43xx

Hi there
I think it just means that you might have to create the directory lib/firmware if you don't have it already. I know i don't have that directory. So that would be logical.
From the wiki,  you have to download the file 'wl_apsta.o' where you want (lets say under /home/wl_apsta.o). Then you just run

 bcm43xx-fwcutter -w /home/wl_apsta.o /lib/firmware

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