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Installing Linux On My Toaster

I recently bought a LINK-> toaster and it's pretty high tech! I thought to myself, can I install Linux on this thing? As it turns out, you probably can! Google dug me up LINK-> this article dating back to early 2008.. when Linux-toaster technology was at it's prime! Well, I find it odd, now 10 years later; and still, there has not been any new developments on the Heatu project. I'm more of a grass-roots enthusiast. I like my distro lightweight and to the point. Any brave souls want to port Arch to Cuisinart?

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Re: Installing Linux On My Toaster

Not a newbie question; Moving to Kernel and Hardware.

If you're serious about your question, you would be wise to incude what you hope to achieve by running Arch on your toaster, what you've tried so far, and some kind of hardware details. For starters, what processor does the toaster run? If it's not x86 or ARM (which I doubt it is) then you've probably got pretty much zero chance.


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Re: Installing Linux On My Toaster

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Re: Installing Linux On My Toaster

I am thoroughly impressed!
I would add wifi/bluetooth, to send notification on compatible smart TV that breads are toasted as per cronjob, while owner relaxes watching morning news, or display live cooking status while playing appetizing music.


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Re: Installing Linux On My Toaster

Linux has been left behind by BSD. There is already a working prototype with NetBSD; … -arm9-sbc/

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