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NetworkManager not picking up ethernet connection

I'm running Plasma and have wireless setup and that is working without problem. My issue is that when I connect to my router over ethernet, NetworkManager does not detect the connection.

  • NetworkManager is the only thing controlling networking on this system. dhcpcd/netctl/[etc] are not running as a systemd service at boot.

  • If I manually set my IP/Subnet/Gateway from the command line (with the ip command), the connection works (and even shows up as a connection in NM).

  • If i run dhcpcd from the command line, the ethernet connection gets assigned an IP from the router and the connection works.

I've read over the NetworkManager and NetworkManager.conf man pages as well as the Wiki page, and I can't seem to figure out why NM won't detect/manage this ethernet connection.

Any thoughts on what I might be missing?

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