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[Solved]dnsmasq: cannot open or create lease file...Read-only filesys

Hi Everyone, 

I found the cause of what was going on. I also had firejail running using the default dnsmasq profile is bad mmkay! It was blacklisting the /var/lib and some other /var directories that are needed. I used the firecfg --clean command and removed all the links to the profiles.

I am trying to setup networking in an lxc/lxd unprivileged container.  Every time I try to create a bridge it fails with this error:

dnsmasq: cannot open or create lease file /var/lib/lxd/networks/lxdbr0/dnsmasq.leases: Read-only file system

. I tried moving the file it writes to another location like /tmp with no luck. Let me know what else is needed and I can provide more information.

Here is some more info:

  • Archlinux root on zfs

  • Separate /var dataset

  • acltype=posixacl xattr=sa

  • canmount=off exec=off nosuid


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