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Accessing a server with a IPv6 only adress from a IPv4 network

Hello everybody!
For educational pruposes I have got a server at home, where different software is hosted for my students (nextcloud, mediawiki, different blogs). It is a proxmox host with different Arch instances. My ISP is giving me a (almost) static IPv6 /64 net only. I have no public IPv4 adress - I had to share it with a thousends of other people. So every virtual machine has got a static IPv6, a AAAA record on the domain and everything is working finde except you are in a network which is not supporting IPv6 - and that is exactly my problem.

Users in IPv4-only networks can't reach the services. Much telephone-providers (or sub-providers, or sub-sub...-providers) doesn't support IPv6 on UMTS or HSDPA-connections in germany. I had to find a solution for a problem which would not exist, if those providers had read the IPv6 specifications a single time since 1998...

One solution is to use one of those portmapper-services. But in that case I only get a single port, so I had to go to https://domain.tld:12345 - which doesen't seems to be professional and no user could remember different ports for different services (and the user has to find out if he is in a IPv4 only network). Not nice!

I thought I could rent a small virtual server with a static IPv4 adress. Add a A-record to every domain pointing to those virtual-IPv4-server, and install something like Apache to "catch" from which domain the call is coming and use

ProxyPass "/" "https://IPv6-Adress of the home server"
ProxyPassReverse "/" "https://IPv6-Adress of the home server"

But this gives me a loooot of problems: The connection between client and IPv4 server should be secured. On every single IPv6 host is a certificate for HTTPS (Letsencrypt) installed. I had to copy those certificates to the IPv4-Server every time they are new generated. Furthermore the connection between IPv4-Server and IPv6-Server should be secured to - but the certificate is not valid for a IP-Adress.

Has anybody a better idea to solve my problem? Are my thoughts on the right way (or is it the best way)?
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Re: Accessing a server with a IPv6 only adress from a IPv4 network

My first suggestion would be to run Squid on your rented VM and reverse proxy in IPv6 mode back to your server.
Or Pound

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Re: Accessing a server with a IPv6 only adress from a IPv4 network

You can probably also try snip or sniproxy. That way you don't have to put SSL keys on your v4/v6 bridge.

Edit: With more work you can maybe even translate all incoming ipv4 adresses to a specific ipv6 in a custom a /96 subnet, so that your servers still get unique ips for all clients. (I'm not completely sure, maybe you'd need kernel support to specify a source address when connecting?) … e-connect/

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