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I'm struggling to find any answer to this. Nothing in the wiki (that I can find) and a wider Google search isn't helping.

I have my main desktop rig, a laptop (also Arch) connected to a separate monitor with synergy for shared mouse and KB, and a raspberry Pi (headless). Real VNC lets me connect to the Pi with no problems. However, trying to replicate the system with my desktop and laptop is eluding me. The connection to the Pi is a direct connection. No enterprise license as far as I know (out of the box installation of the real vnc server on that).

However, trying to connect to the laptop simply gets me a "The connection was refused by the computer" error.

I can connect by logging in and using the realvnc cloud connect (free home license), so both the server and the client are clearly working, but that obviously introduces latency into the connection that needn't be there.

What do I need to do to get a direct connection on my LAN without an Enterprise license? The Pi proves it's possible, but the solution eludes me.

The terminal gives me zero output. The message comes from the GUI on the client machine when trying to connect.

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