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[touch screen] touchscreen support on teclast x3 plus (not resolved)

Bonsoir Guys big_smile !

i'm trying to install archlinux on a friend's laptop/tablet a way to bring him in the world of linux and for me to discover archlinux ^^ but i have an issue with touchscreen support

the tablet ,a teclast x3 plus have almost everything working out of box exepts a bad wifi support ( rtl8723bu-git solves the issue ^^)

and touch screen not working.

I succeed to have a partial touchscreen support with this AUR script mssl1680-firmware found on an another tablet wiki:

i suppose the two tablets have the same touchscreen

but i have some a problem with the calibration

these parameters taken from the wiki seems to have a correct x and y sizing

Section "InputClass"
Identifier "calibration"
MatchProduct "silead_ts"
Option "CalibrationMatrix" "2.074595 0 0 0 2.688341 0 0 0 1"
Driver "libinput"

but unfortunately y axis is inverted do you know what can i do about this ?

thanks guys for your answer


#2 2018-03-22 21:54:04

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Re: [touch screen] touchscreen support on teclast x3 plus (not resolved)


i've found a solution to make it work perfecly on teclast x3 plus.
The issue was the mssl1680.fw not totally compatible with teclast X3 plus

in order to make it work

the right firmware … st/x3_plus
you have to take the file called  firmware.fw

and replace the mssl1680.fw with the renamed into the PKGBUILD
yaourt mssl1680-firmware

Don't forget to create the 99-calibration file as explained on first post


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