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[touch screen] touchscreen support on teclast x3 plus (not resolved)

Bonsoir Guys big_smile !

i'm trying to install archlinux on a friend's laptop/tablet a way to bring him in the world of linux and for me to discover archlinux ^^ but i have an issue with touchscreen support

the tablet ,a teclast x3 plus have almost everything working out of box exepts a bad wifi support ( rtl8723bu-git solves the issue ^^)

and touch screen not working.

I succeed to have a partial touchscreen support with this AUR script mssl1680-firmware found on an another tablet wiki:

i suppose the two tablets have the same touchscreen

but i have some a problem with the calibration

these parameters taken from the wiki seems to have a correct x and y sizing

Section "InputClass"
Identifier "calibration"
MatchProduct "silead_ts"
Option "CalibrationMatrix" "2.074595 0 0 0 2.688341 0 0 0 1"
Driver "libinput"

but unfortunately y axis is inverted do you know what can i do about this ?

thanks guys for your answer


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