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Migrate VPN Settings Gnome NetworkManager

I am migrating from Debian to Arch but wanted to keep Gnome and also use the NetworkManager for convenience reasons. In my Debian machine I have a VPn setup. It shows under


and the keys are located in .cert in the homedir. So how exactly can I migrate the VPN conncetion? just rsyncing it doesn't help. I've installed all the necessary NetworkManager tools and can setup a new VPN connection just fine but I need ti import the old one.


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Re: Migrate VPN Settings Gnome NetworkManager

I tried copying one of my existing VPN configurations stored in this directory, renamed the copy and gave the connection a different ID by editing the file.
After restarting the NetworkManager service, the connection was available for selection in the network settings.
Therefore, I assume that backing up and restoring these config files has to work.

However, in your case the problem could be file format differences between network manager versions, as Debian uses a different version than Arch.
Therefore, I suggest that you just manually re-create the VPN configuration in gnome.
You could then compare the new config file with the old one to see, if the created config really looks different.

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