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enable mail from services like cron; passwd username

I have setup mailx and postfix to enable mails from "system services" like cron
Just on a stand alone home computer that has internet connectivity

It  turned out that I must add @localhost to the recipient like:
  > mail joe@localhost
where joe is in passwd

If I'm not mistaken in the "early days" you could do:
  > mail joe

Can you configure mailx/postfix such that they understand that the recipient is just a passwd user at the host that is sending the mail ?

any help appreciated !


#2 2018-12-29 01:10:51

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Re: enable mail from services like cron; passwd username

This is not a problem on the mailx side, i can do that, with DMA as well as with postfix.
If i only refer to the last question, mailx will do some tests if you just pass a name without domain in angle brackets, e.g., "<root>" or "<joe>".  The exact semantics come from a greater context, please search "angle" (bracket) in the manual.
Otherwise it is a postfix issue, but i am lucky i have configured that in the most simple way...
Hope this helps a bit, Ciao.


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