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[solved]Nextcloud slow perfomance

last week I exchanged my old Debian server (QNAP TS451+) for Arch.
I am very happy with the decision, but the speed of Nextcloud is creepy.
Both the synchronization of data and the web interface itself are hard to use.
Is this a known problem with Arch in connection with Nextcloud?

Under the same conditions I had no problems with Debian x64 and 4 connected clients + mobile phone and everything was pretty fast with OwnCloud.

From time to time the synchronization also breaks off and is then resumed...very suspect.

Environment is structured as follows.

Hardware QNAP TS 451+
4x3TB in RAID 10, mdadm without LVM, simple ext4
ArchLinux operating system

Apache + Mysql + Nextcloud.

The operating system needs about 300-600MB RAM and the two processors work at about 10-40%.
The RAID 10 works fine and delivers a constant 110 MB/s over SMB.
Everything else also reacts very quickly, only NEXTCLOUD is a snail.
WAN speed is 150/50.

I just wanted to ask if this is a known problem, of course I can provide logs and more information.
Thanks for reading

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Re: [solved]Nextcloud slow perfomance

You have to use cache to speed up: … ation.html


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Re: [solved]Nextcloud slow perfomance

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I've been working on it for a few hours.
I have successfully activated OPcache, but
the APCu cache doesn't want to work.

It's installed, but it doesn't matter if I activate it in
/etc/php/conf.d/apcu.ini or in
it doesn't seem to work and is still displayed as missing.

Do you have an Idea?

EDIT: Got it.

It has to activated in /..../nextcloud/config/config.php

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