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#1 2019-02-07 09:35:33

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gnome-session-binary getting Unrecoverable failure, but working?

Hello there! Arch installation with Gnome and GDM. Whenever I login, checking the journalctl, I get this:

gnome-session-binary[846]: Unrecoverable failure in required component org.gnome.Shell.desktop

The system seems to work just fine, but it's the only error I see on the logs and would like to fix it, any idea where can I start? This happens with both Xorg and Wayland, also checked disabling all extensions



#2 2019-02-08 22:21:58

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Re: gnome-session-binary getting Unrecoverable failure, but working?

I see this too, but tend to ignore any gnome errors in the journal unless I actually notice something wrong with my system. It's rare that there isn't a gnome-related warning/error in the journal and one could spend significant time tracking down the source and altering log levels just to avoid having them show up. Unless something is actually broken I'd leave it alone.


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