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[SOLVED] dnsmasq.service conflict with systemd-resolved.service

Lately I noticed that dnsmasq.service was failing to start by giving the following error message. (Sorry for the truncated text)

 systemd[1]: Starting A lightweight DHCP and caching DNS >
XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX doulos dnsmasq[1801]: dnsmasq: syntax check OK.
XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX doulos dnsmasq[1802]: dnsmasq: failed to create listening socke>
XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX doulos dnsmasq[1802]: failed to create listening socket for port 53
XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX systemd[1]: dnsmasq.service: Main process exited, code=e>
XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX dnsmasq[1802]: FAILED to start up
XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX systemd[1]: dnsmasq.service: Failed with result 'exit-co>
XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX Failed to start A lightweight DHCP and cachi>

I overrode the systemd.service unit config by invoking:

# systemctl edit dnsmasq.service

And adding to that file:


And it works!

source: … d-resolved


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