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Activating uWSGI socket for PostfixAdmin

I'm trying to set up a mailserver using the instructions at … _Roundcube . To do that, I have to get PostfixAdmin set up (since the aforementioned page doesn't have any instructions on how to set up the necessary tables without PostfixAdmin) and to do that I need to set up an nginx/uWSGI server, and I'm running into problems there.

In the PostfixAdmin wiki page ( it says that I need to "Install uwsgi-plugin-php, create a per-application socket for uWSGI (see UWSGI#Accessibility of uWSGI socket for reference) and activate the postfixadmin@uwsgi-secure.socket unit." I've created the "/etc/systemd/system/uwsgi-secure@.socket" file as per the instructions on the UWSGI page ( … SGI_socket) but now I have no idea how to activate it. When I try to run the command "sudo systemctl enable postfixadmin@uwsgi-secure.socket" I get the error "Failed to enable unit: Unit file postfixadmin@uwsgi-secure.socket does not exist."

I'm just kind of guessing at "activate" meaning enabling the socket using systemctl, but the linked documentation page ( … sing_units) doesn't actually contain any information on an "activate" procedure so enabling the service seems like the closest thing.

Does anybody know what I need to do to get this working?


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