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New NM 802.1x connection - missing feature


At the offices of one of my clients I should be able to connect to the internal 802.1x wifi network, however I'm missing a checkbox under the NetworkManager wifi security tab which I'm supposed to enable. The feature I should enable is labelled "No CA certificate is required".
This is supposedly working with Debian and Fedora, however on my machine there is no such checkbox present under the Wi-Fi security tab. The checkbox should be located under the file selection dialog box of the CA certificate.
I've checked the NetworkManager documentation and I cannot find anything relevant regarding this option. So I'm wondering if this is related to the version of NetworkManager I have?
Also, I cannot find or set this option using nmcli.
I've got the following related packages installed:

networkmanager 1.20.0-1
networkmanager-openconnect 1.2.6-1
networkmanager-qt 5.61.0-1
networkmanager-strongswan 1.4.5-1
nm-connection-editor 1.8.22-1

Any suggestions?


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