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[SOLVED] Adding software to usb pre-installation

Hi all,

I'm not brand new to linux as I've been using Fedora for about 2 years, but I'm completely new to Arch.

While going through the installation process I discovered that there is no driver for my network card currently in support. My laptop is using Realtek model rtl8821ce doesn't appear to be on the list of supported cards. I did however find an ongoing project to support this. So I think at this point my options are either try using `ndiswrapper` or see if I can build this driver and install it.

The problem with this however is that these are not on my live usb and I obviously don't have internet access when booted into the usb to download them. So I'm wondering, are there any other options for adding this software?


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Re: [SOLVED] Adding software to usb pre-installation

An easier route might be to USB tether a smart phone for the purpose of the installation. 
When tethered, a phone shows up as a wired interface.  Just run dhcpcd once it is tethered and you should be good to go.

The answer to your initial question is here :

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Re: [SOLVED] Adding software to usb pre-installation

No, it didn't "fix" anything. It just shifted the brokeness one space to the right. - jasonwryan
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Re: [SOLVED] Adding software to usb pre-installation

Thanks for the replies, and sorry for the delayed response.

Tethering my phone didn't prove necessary as I was able to connect to my network via ethernet and complete the installation. From there I was able to install a working driver.



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Re: [SOLVED] Adding software to usb pre-installation

Please remember to mark your thread [SOLVED] (edit the title of your first post).


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