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USB device (raspberry pi zero w) not recognized

Hello all, I don't know if this is the correct section for the question, hope you can help or show me the correct direction.

I'm trying to use raspberry pi zero w in USB gadget mode. To do so, I am following nerves project guides (it's a project for embedded elixir stuff), and it makes the firmware for rpi where usb device mode is enabled and should have a virtual usb network interface once it is up (accessible through mdns as nerves.local). However connecting the rpi0 to my arch linux host, I get nothing. Nothing shows up with lsusb, and no logs are shown in dmesg after I plug in the board (and it powers up).

I'm using USB data cable, so that should not be the issue. Other devices (like my smartphone) show up in dmesg logs. I have the latest kernel, and my system is completely upgraded. mDNS (avahi) is configured well, I can ping my own hostname under .local TLD.

I don't know where to look for, checking out USB OTG or USB gadget mode for arch linux doesn't give me any useful information. How can I debug why the device is not showing up in dmesg or lsusb?



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Re: USB device (raspberry pi zero w) not recognized

You can check with "ip addr" if a new network interface is created when pluggin the RPi. But it looks like it isn't created, it seems to be an error in the RPi side.
Check if the g_ether module is loaded on the raspberry and dmesg logs


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Re: USB device (raspberry pi zero w) not recognized

If other USB devices are showing up on your host, then it definitely sounds like a problem with the RPi.  Please remember that we do not support ArchARM on these forums: … .2Aonly.2A


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