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OpenAuraSDK questions for ASUS Aura Sync

I've been playing with OpenAuraSDK, which is an open-source alternative to the proprietary, Windows-only ASUS Aura Sync software. You can buy your hardware with Aura Sync-compatible RGB, and can control the RGBs through either ASUS Aura Sync or OpenAuraSDK, although OpenAuraSDK doesn't currently have the full capabilities of ASUS Aura Sync.

There are a few things that I'm trying to figure out, and am all ears if anybody knows the answers/solutions to any of them.

1) How to get the OpenAuraSDK settings fixed on startup.
    Each time I reboot, I currently have to run OpenAuraSDK and reset the RGBs to how I want them to look.

2) How to get an Nvidia graphics card, and a peripheral plugged into an addressable RGB header (a CPU cooler) to be picked up by OpenAuraSDK.
    Currently, I can see a handful of devices by running `i2cdetect -l` (part of the `i2c-tools` package).
    There are some that are labelled SMBus, and I'm led to believe from the minimal OpenAuraSDK install instructions that those are the devices it is picking up.
    The devices it's picking up include my RAM, motherboard and case. The devices it is not picking up include my GPU and my CPU cooler (addressable RGB header pins).
    I am completely new to I2C and kernel mods (of which I had to add `i2c-dev` and `i2c-piix4-aura` to get OpenAuraSDK to work), so my understanding could be way off.

3) [SOLVED] How to get OpenAuraSDK to not prevent ASUS Aura Sync from working.
    I'd started messing with my RGBs in OpenAuraSDK, then once I booted back to Windows and tried to open ASUS Aura Sync, it wouldn't open.
    Neither a reinstall nor a reboot fixed the problem, so I'm going to try a complete reinstall of Windows.
    But it seems that maybe OpenAuraSDK is stepping on the toes of ASUS Aura Sync?
    I don't know how the two things could do so if living on separate operating systems.

Thanks for any help you can give!! smile

Side note: Settings from either of the software seem to have a bit of hangover when booting to the other OS. In other words, if I set something red in Windows (ASUS Aura Sync), when I boot into Arch, some of those things may be red, and some things seem to default to cycling through all the colors.

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Re: OpenAuraSDK questions for ASUS Aura Sync

The solution to number 3, above, was to boot into Windows and run the `msconfig.exe` executable. In there, there's an option for "Normal" boot, which makes sure to look at all device drivers, again. Clicking that and restarting seems to have fixed that issue.


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