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Policy-based routing based on port

I have a working SSH server set up. I would like to be able to have my VPN enabled on that server, but when it's enabled, it modifies the `iptables` rules (and maybe more) to route all outgoing traffic via the VPN. So instead of the SSH outbound packets going back via the route they came, they get sent via the VPN. This makes it impossible to SSH into that server when the VPN is enabled, as any clients won't receive their return packets via the expected channels.

I am very new to all of this networking stuff, but I've been told that setting up policy-based routing for traffic on my SSH port might be able to solve this problem. I've found this seemingly useful example, but it's not specifically for port-based policies, and there's enough that I don't yet understand in that article that I'm not able to act on it. Most other articles I've found seem to be written for networking professionals.

Is anyone able to give me a rundown on the different steps I'll have to take and components I'll be dealing with when setting up policy-based routing for SSH traffic?

Thank you so much!

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